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Thread: IMA light

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    There is an a/c relay that

    There is an a/c relay that goes bad and keeps the a/c cycling when the car is off. I wiped 2 batteries before figuring this out with help from the web. Google the HCH and a/c problems to help you find it.

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    Honda civic 2003 hybrid @

    Honda civic 2003 hybrid @ 145k miles
    IMA light came on and has been on for about 4 days,
    Brought it into the dealership, they said i need a new hybrid battery (my words) costing $2800.
    gonna get it back in a day or two, we have had no other problems with the car, hope this was worth it.

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    Hey there I just got the IMA

    Hey there I just got the IMA and Engine Malfunction warning on my 09 HCH (with barely 29000 miles) for the first time and I'm curious if it is Ok to drive or will I be doing damage to the vehicle. I'm taking in to the dealer in on Monday morning and I just want to be sure I need the expense. I'll report back afterward.

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    I've got a 2000 Honda

    I've got a 2000 Honda Insight with only 42,000 miles on it-- I haven't driven it any differently than when I first got it (brand new). The IMA went out 4 years ago, and was replaced under warranty. Since then, it has gone out every 1.5 years, and been replaced by Honda Corporation USA for free-- until now-- it has just gone out again-- but all the dealerships tell me that HCUSA no longer has any interest in my car because it's over 10 years old. Doesn't it seem that there's something wrong with the recharging system, as opposed to the IMA battery? The dealership actually told me that I don't drive it enough to recharge properly!

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    This is late, I know but for

    This is late, I know but for others who stumble across this page with the same question IMA stands for Integrated Motor Assist, the fancy name for the hybrid system. As I recall, the dealer said it refer not only to the battery itself but the sensors and everything else associated with it, hence why they have to down load the error codes to see what part or parts are malfunctioning.

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    I had my first battery

    I had my first battery replaced 2 years ago under this rule.

    The IMA light is came on this past Saturday and is still on. I am hoping that a combination of
    A. only having a little over 80k miles
    B. being less than 10 years since I purchased it and
    C. that the dealership replaced it so recently
    will mean that if battery number 2 is whack, I will get it fixed for $0.

    Like some other folks before me, the car is not running any differently than before the light came on. I hope it is just a sensor or something simple they can fix quickly. I hate being without my car.

    As an aside, I am in California where we get triple digit summers. I am very paranoid about heat damaging the hybrid battery so I pamper it. I have covered parking at home, a garage at work and hunt for shade everywhere else when it is hot outside. And have the custom cut sun reflectors for the windows, as well as keeping up on all the scheduled maintenance. From the comments above and that here I am looking at a fault with my second battery make me a little disappointed with Honda.

    (I am not sure what kind of warranty battery number 2 came with without looking in my files.)

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    We have a 2003 HCH as well

    We have a 2003 HCH as well and had the same problem. Had the IMA light go on and then the Check engine. After shelling out over $200 for the diagnosis, they wanted me to replace the battery. I decided against it and they sent me on my way. Then 2 months later, after a long weekend drive (300 miles) both the IMA and check engine lights have turned off by themselves and the MPG has improved. Seems whatever the problem was is gone (hopefully). Regardless, I am waiting for Re-Involt to release the Li-ON battery replacement for my car which I will gladly do.

    I think the diagnosis charge was a load of bull as this is a problem of their crappy battery parts and having to pay them to tell me what I already suspected was a waste of time and money. While I love my HCH, I think honda needs to go a lot further in customer service and taking ownership on the crap parts they created.

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    Hello, 2007 HCH here.

    2007 HCH here. (50000 mi)
    Honda sent a "recall" notice last summer for a software upgrade that turned out was to extend the life of the battery. Problem is that it turns mileage to garbage (32 mph) and, according to others, by 70,000 mi my car probably won't be safe to drive.
    go to "HONDA CORPORATION HAS NO HONOR" on Facebook.
    And google other blogs for the nightmares that have happened to HCH owners.

    The upgrade is so that Honda doesn't have to honor the 150000 mi battery warranty (Calif, where I live). So instead they put in a fix that destroys the mileage and ends up destroying the car because the gas engine isn't designed to do what it's expected to do.

    From reading your posts, I "understand" why Honda would want to do the software "fix". Obviously the battery doesn't last as warranted. But their fix is worse than the cure.

    Please don't let this go. Honda needs to fix this! My sister asked me why dont I just trade it in and get a Prius before too many people know about the HCH nightmares. It's because why would I want someone else to unknowingly get stuck with my nightmare. Honda needs to fix it.

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    Hi Kathy, You are right. My

    Hi Kathy,

    You are right. My car's IMA light was on and I took it to a mechanic. He checked the IMA battery and told me battery was no good any more and needed to be replaced. I took it to the dealer and they installed the upgrade software to avoid replacing my battery. Because of the software upgrade, the light is not on any more, but my car is driving only with the gas engine and it turned my mileage to garbage too. After reading all complain, I think I should file a law suit against the dealership that did not replace my battery. Everyone should do the same. the software upgrade is a scam to shut off the IMA light to avoid replacing the battery . Good Luck and keep me posted.


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