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Thread: IMA light

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    2009 HCH with less than 9000

    2009 HCH with less than 9000 miles (yes under 10000) the IMA and engine light came on, calling the dealer Monday!!

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    ...I called a honda dealer a

    ...I called a honda dealer a few weeks ago....my hybrid is a 2004 that I bought from an origional owner because my daughter has a 2005 she loves.......I became concerned because her sticker for the IMA battery (integrated motor assist) is a PULEV and mine is a SULEV....I was told 3x by the Honda dealer that SULEV means my warranty is only good to 80,000 -8 years.......but I was comfotrted to hear that they last forever barring an accdident.....ONE week later as I was making an appointment with my regular mechanic My IMA light came on...I looked up HONDA 2004 -IMA light on line and heard iof the lawsuit ...I was at Honda Monday morning @ 7 am...they were going to look at it for $150...I told them what I jhad read and that I wanted to know if I felll under the criteria,,,,2 hours later they said my battery was shot and that they had a new one on the way.... all for $0........they told me it waas now 7 years and 150,000 miles from purchase....later when I called back the same fellow said it was not from a lawsuit, but California state emission regulations and that it was now a 10 year from purchase
    or 150,000 miles....then I called Honda themselves and they said as far as they Knew it was still 8 ywears from purchase and 80,000 miles.................??????????????????

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    I have a 2005 HAH with

    I have a 2005 HAH with almost 90k miles. IMA light and Check Engine light came on today. BIG PROBLEM........I'm in Italy serving this country ever so proudly and purchased the car in Cali wondering if anyone knows if Italy will honor my american warranty because they like to charge an arm and a leg for stuff out here and it would be in Euro.

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    Thankfully, we bought the

    Thankfully, we bought the extended warranty. We've had multiple issues with our 2004 Civic Hybrid. All covered under the extended warranty. Just before the extended warranty ended and 78,000 miles, our IMA light came on. We took it in, and the battery had deteriorated. We're so thankful we had the extended warranty and it was replaced free of charge. Our SRS unit went out at 76,000 miles, again fixed free of charge. We have a manual transmission and were having problems putting the car into reverse. When we had the car checked, it was a faulty transmission. Since the car was built in Japan, Honda wanted the faulty transmission to be flown back to Japan. And we got a new transmission. Yes, we paid $21,000 for the car, but the gas mileage we've attained has been well-worth the warranty hassles. We hope to get many, many more good years out of it. It now has 88,000 miles on it.

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    I have a '04 HCH with

    I have a '04 HCH with 118,000 miles. Just recently had the IMA and check engine light come on. Read that there might be a lawsuit settlement in CA that extends the original warranty from 80K miles to 150k miles. Anyone have any new info on this???? Please let me know. Also, I don't notice any difference in driving the car either with performance or gas mileage. Still getting 40+ mpg.

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    I have a '04 HCH with 127000

    I have a '04 HCH with 127000 miles and the light has been on. I bought the car in CA and live in CA. Cars performance has been deteriorating and milage decreasing, power decreasing as well. Went to Woodland Hills Honda paid the $127.00 diagnostic fee for them to tell me that it would be $2,800.00 for new battery and did I want to go ahead and fix that today?? what? . It seems I have the SULEV not PZEV thus not qualified based upon the Honda's decline based on my VIN number.

    They suggested that I just sell the car !

    I need to find out what dealer Janet went to.. and lawsuit information.

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    Honestly, ZenMaiden, don't

    Honestly, ZenMaiden, don't believe what they're telling you. First and foremost, call Honda America Corporate, and ask them to PUT IN WRITING that you're car is rejected by your VIN #. It's an absolute lie - so they won't be willing to put it in writing. It's the EXACT same thing that happened to me. Keep on Honda Corporate. Ask for it to be escalated to a manager. But DO NOT believe what they're telling you. In reality, you shouldn't have to pay the diagonistic fee, either.

    Have you looked at the sticker under the hood of your car? If so, take a pic, and feel free to email it to me. I can look at tell you if it's really covered or not.

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    2009 HCH w/ 47000+ miles.

    2009 HCH w/ 47000+ miles. Light just came on and need to take to the dealer. I'll report back when I find out what they say.

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    I too, have a 2009 and the

    I too, have a 2009 and the IMA light came on, it is currently at the dealer, since then I hve found this web site and now am beginning to wounder if going green will be worth it.

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    2009 HCH with 10k miles on

    2009 HCH with 10k miles on it had the IMA and Check engine light come on three times already. It is currently at honda in customer service where they are inspecting it yet again. Not to mention i also had to have the driver side window replaced becouse of a bad motor regulator in the window... at which time they damaged my door. Should have stayed with my giant SUV.

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