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Thread: IMA light

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    >My IMA light and check

    >My IMA light and check engine light went on this morning. Can anyone tell me what does this mean? Is it a false error?


    If your car is still under warranty, go to the dealer. If not, go to a local mechanic or Autozone and get your OBD codes read and let us know what they are.

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    I have a 2006 Honda Civic,

    I have a 2006 Honda Civic, with 60100 miles, The engine and IMA (integerated Motor Assit) lights came. I am going to take it to the Dealer and check it out.

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    I have a 2009 Honda Civic

    I have a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid, bought in October 2008. Four months after the purchase of the vehicle, the IMA light came on.
    Under the full warrantee, they took my car to inspect for a couple of days and gave me a loan car. They found the problem with the IMA and did what they called "update the software."
    Even though the IMA/Engine light went away after the software update, it came back on 4 more times within the same year. The dealership did a "software update" in all of those times but told me for different reasons.
    Now I started to think about the Honda Service Quality which is questionable to me. And I think it's unfair to the consumer who spends nearly $30,000 for the Honda product and has to deal with this kind of problem.

    If anyone has a lead as to how to fight with this kind of unfair treatment, please provide suggestions on here or feel free to email me at TopGammarabutr at CS dot COM.

    I will appreciate it.

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    I had a Honda 2004, Honda

    I had a Honda 2004, Honda Hybrid. The IMA light started coming on after 80K. You can reset the switch by disconnecting your Regular battery for 30 minutes. Then reconnect it. Then drive slow for about ten minutes, and the IMA barrety will start to recharge normally. I have found 3 things that cause this to happen. Cold or foggy conditions, first, second fast excelleration in cold weather. Third, thinking about it and what it will cost to fix it. I traded my problem away and got a good deal on trade, I sold it back to the same dealer I bought it from. No harm no foul. I paid 21,000 for it new, got six years of good use out of it. But this problem with the IMA system seems to be a back end profit center for the dealers. The dealer will charge you 168.00 to clear the codes and do iagnostics. The problem will persist there is really no rhyme or reason, that I discovered except the cold. I wasn't going to put 4700.00 into a 6 year old car. I hope the new owner buys an extended warrenty and sticks it to Honda. I was alway a big fan of Honda, and always suggested my friends buy what I thought was the best value. Seems I was wrong. I will never buy another Honda.

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    Hi I have a 2006 Honda Civic

    Hi I have a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid and both the IMA light and engine light come on in mine at 100,000 miles so I took it to the dealer and that's what they told me that I needed to update the software , and 3 weeks later they both have come back on and gone out a couple of times....

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    my ima light came on on my

    my ima light came on on my 03 hch about a week ago, but i only have 42000 miles on the car and honda has ordered a new battery for my car under the 8/80 hybrid warranty, hopefully i can get another 5 years out of it and trade it back in. it really has been a trouble free car.

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    well 2 weeks later and i

    well 2 weeks later and i have my new warranty battery, hopefully another trouble free 5 years and ill trade it in.

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    There are companies that

    There are companies that specialize in rebuilding the battery packs and they are way cheaper than buying new from honda. If our battery ever goes out, that's the way I will go. We bought the car used, no sense buying a new battery for it at that cost.

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    Hi, i just bought a 03 honda

    Hi, i just bought a 03 honda civic hybrid straight from the owner. It had about 103,000 miles when i bought it about a month ago. My IMA light just came on this morning. The manual says that when the light shows up that i should take it to the dealer. Has anyone had their IMA battery replaced? If so how much does it cost??? Please let me know... I'm a poor college student and I CANT afford any problems right now

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    Hi, So what happened to your

    So what happened to your Hybrid now after 500 miles driving without changing the electric battery? I wonder the same because my Hybrid 06's IMA light came on for the 1st time after only 83K miles for a couple days, and now the engine light is one. Should I ignore the problem or take it to the dealer?

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