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Thread: IMA light

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    IMA light

    So the other day the IMA light came on and the dealership charged me $180 to just to tell me the battery is dying and its gonna cost about another $2800 for that fix. The vehicle is a 2004 civic hybrid with around 105k miles on it. I know the honda warranty appears to only cover IMA issues up to 80k but I was doing some research and found little bits about people saying that in california the warranty is extended automatically to 150k miles. Does anyone know the details about this "green state" extended warranty? Does this apply to my car or am I stuck with a hefty repair bill?

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    Hi HEMPDYED; Sorry to hear


    Sorry to hear about the pack failure. I believe you are correct with regards to the extension in CA. I suggest you visit another dealer and hear what they have to say and see what they can do for you. Take notes of the names and the things the dealers say and contact American Honda in writing and CC the letter to the dealer too.

    Is your car equipped with a CVT or a Manual Transmission?
    The reason I ask this is because it can make a bit of a difference.

    Now, if the car is in good overall shape then I would contemplate getting it replaced since the new packs and BCM's are much improved and longer lasting than the original ones and since the pack costs as much as a regular transmission replacement in a typical car this may be good for another 150-200K miles. In this case I would go for it.



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    Our 2003 Honda Hybrid Civic

    Our 2003 Honda Hybrid Civic had its IMA battery go out at 80,500 eventhough it was a sales pitch that they were tested to 150K. They replaced it for free under the lawsuit agreement that Hybrid owners I guess filed. Now 20,000 miles later it has gone out again and now they want $3600. I am doing some research and hoping to get any help I can get.

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    I own a 2003 HCH which I

    I own a 2003 HCH which I purchased new. Six years and 153,500 miles later the IMA light made an appearance for the first time ever. I didn't take the car in right away because of my busy schedule, but about a week later the engine light came on and I decided to make time to take it in. The car was not acting up or driving any differently than normal. The battery was still charging and assisting normally, but I figured I didn't want to wait for a trifecta with the warning lights before getting a diagnosis.
    The dealership, which IMHO has always been very generous with comping parts and labor on my vehicle, informed me the IMA was deteriorating and that I had a bad catalytic converter (the 4th bad CC). The price tag for fixing the two problems came to $4200 and would take a couple of days. I was in shock and in no way ready to drop that kinda money on fixing a 6 year old car that only cost $21,000 new. The tech said he understood and I should consider trading it in before spending that kind of money for repairs. They were (again) extremely gracious and didn't charge me anything for the diagnosis.
    Long story short I have put another 500 miles on the car and still no problems. It's not acting up in any obvious way. Both the warning lights (IMA & engine) have since gone out and the car is still running fine. I am not sure where to go from here, but where ever it is I will be driving my 2003 HCH.

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    I have the exact issue as

    I have the exact issue as nebrsmithers. One slight difference....a couple months ago, my check engine light blinked on and off for a few days, so I took it to AutoZone for a free OBD check. It revealed a bad MAP Sensor. I didnt think it was a bad thing so I continued to drive, until a couple nights ago the IMA Light came on. So I again took it to the AutoZone, had them read it and came up with the error code p0420...Catalyst System Below Threshold. (a bad catalytic converter).

    Today I purchased the MAP sensor and will install it tomorrow morning. It seems the MAP sensor affects the oxygen and fuel mixture, which can also affect the 02 sensor, and can also be reflected as a catalytic converter failure. And Im pretty sure the MAP sensor has almost completely failed due to the graduating error codes. There was no error code reflecting anything wrong witht thebatteries. Interesting how things can be triggered by other instances. The gentleman at the Honda dealer here told me that the MAP sensor could also affect the IMA as well. so we'll see.

    Ill repost to let you know the outcome.

    FYI...MAP SENSOR from Honda...$92.00....Autozone...$54.00

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    My IMA light came on my 2005

    My IMA light came on my 2005 Accord and I took it in to the dealership. They charged me $100 to re-flash some chip and re-set some parameters. My car only has 55k on it and I think this is some kind of scam? Seems like an excuse to force owners to take their car to the dealership.

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    I have a 2006 Honda Accord

    I have a 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid. I was driving this morning (in the snow) and both my check engine and IMA light came on. I have been searching for an hour and no website says what the IMA light exactly is. Can some one please tell me what the IMA light means?

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    Just yesterday my IMA light

    Just yesterday my IMA light came on my 2003 HCH and I took it to the dealership to learn that it will cost $2500 to have the battery pack replaced. Note: several months ago my engine light came on and was told that the sensor was bad and would cost $450 to replace, which of course I didn't. Why replace a bad sensor if it doesn't effect the performance of the car. Now, after reading Joey and nebrsmithers I'm starting to think that these sensors are causing the problems.
    I'm eager to hear how Joey's replacement of the map sensor turned out. Joey if you do repost please email me directly at JoanieBatten at comcast dot net. I would like to know how difficult it might be to replace the sensor myself. Thanks!
    Would appreciate hearing from others with similar problems as well!

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    My IMA light and check

    My IMA light and check engine light went on this morning. Can anyone tell me what does this mean? Is it a false error?

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    i want to ask whats happen

    i want to ask whats happen when you drive your civic hybrid on a cliff and your baterry level shown zero?
    will it be any promblem with the battery in the future?

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