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    2006 Civic Hybrid FOR SALE

    I put it on Ebay at item # 150330660424

    Any comments about the listing are welcome. Thanks for looking.

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    Hi ATIKOVI The car looks


    The car looks like it is in good shape.

    Here are a few comments:
    - Too many photos ? Its quite intense
    - Quite a bit of VIN shots. That is probably not needed.
    - License plate is included in the shots. Usually you will want to occlude this as it can easily reveal a lot of info about yourself in the hands of the wrong people.
    - Drag coefficient is .27 not .28. May not seem a big deal but its a big diff for those who know.
    - You omitted mentioning the electric only propulsion of the HCH-II. Sure many people will "just drive it" and wont use it properly but for those who know how, it is a big plus worth mentioning. It's no Prius EV Mode but it shines in the hands of a driver willing to learn.
    - Independent double wishbone rear suspension. Many other hybrids don't have this (i.e: My 2007 Prius) and the ride quality shows.

    Good luck


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