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    Just picked up a New 09 Prius and was just curious as when we have to change the anti-freeze.
    I did not see anything in the book about that. BTW, we had to wait 4 months for it as my wife had to have blue. We got if for sticker.

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    Anti-Freeze is normally

    Anti-Freeze is normally tested for strength regularly (twice a year?) and can be used for several years as long as it is not diluted with water, or contaminated with oil or combustion byproduct.

    Anti-freeze also contains a lubricant for the water pump, and for that reason is usually changed every 2-3 years even if it tests good otherwise.

    Worth noting is that Prius has TWO radiator systems, one for the internal combustion engine, and a second smaller radiator to cool the large voltage rectfier/inverter on the driver side of the engine compartment. Both have coolant level tanks that need to be checked on a routine basis (weekly?)

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    the toyota prius service man

    the toyota prius service man told me that if i wanted to reset the computer the instructions should be in the manual. i looked and could not find it. he had said it was a simple thing on the dashboard to press a combination of buttons. have searched the internet and toyota home page with no luck. anyone know how it is done? do me a favor and email me if you know.


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    I presume you just want to

    I presume you just want to reset the "5,000 mile maintance" light on the dash? not reset the entire computer system?

    First, make sure the odometer is in the "normal" odometer display mode, not "trip odometer"

    Now, shut the car off. leave it off for a few seconds or more.

    Press and HOLD DOWN the "Odometer" button on the center console, while starting the car.

    While you hold the ODO button down, as the car starts, you should see the odometer display start showing zeros, like a windows status bar


    When the zeros are done (a few seconds) just let go of the ODO button, and the maint lite is now reset. It will come on again in 5,000 miles.

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