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    Running on the electric only

    I just purchased my 09 HCH at the beginning of February. I don't ever plan on running out of gas, and when I fill up, I fill it up until the pump clicks the first time. My question is this: if I ran out of gas, will I be able to still run the car on the electric motor to get to a gas station (barring that there is a close station)?

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    Hi denverkass; There have

    Hi denverkass;

    There have been reports of owners doing just that and in the cases of an HCH-II it would glide with electric assist provided that you allow it to happen.
    However, please note the following:
    - Hybrid manufacturers may refuse to warrant the damage if you do ride on electric until the battery depletes especially after running out of gas. They vehemently advise you against this practice.
    - Riding on electric for extended periods of time while depleting the batteries to unsafe levels will shorten the battery life.
    - The HCH-II has an electric motor that produces at most 20 HP. This is not enough to normally power the car except in a glide like scenario. Such assist may give you a couple of miles worth of ev.

    Finally, check the following for additional details on EV on the HCH-II.




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    I don't see how you could do

    I don't see how you could do that. Electric-only is *very* transient and fleeting with the HCHII, only happens under certain load conditions. If you run out of gas you would be stuck.

    There seems to be a tendency for hybrid owners, and mileage concious drivers in general, to try to "extend" their tank of gas. I've never seen the point to it. You're just courting a trudge down a highway to a gas station

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    I do agree, if you are

    I do agree, if you are trying to get every drop out of your tank, you are asking to run out. I was just merely asking the question in the case that I ever did run out. Up until now I would always fill up at no less than 1/8 tank but usually at 1/4. Since I bought my Hybrid 1 month ago, I have wanted to see how many miles I could get out of a tank until the refueling light came on. But, I don't make a practice of it.

    This does bring me to my next question. My owners manual states that the 09 HCH has a fuel capacity of 12.3 gallons. However, I did drive until all of the squares went away in the fuel gauge one time, and then refueled. I was only able to put 10.4 gallons in the tank. I do not sit there and continuously keep clicking the handle to try and squeeze every drop into the tank that I can. I always just stop at the first click of the handle. Is there basically 2 gallons left in the tank after all of the squares of the fuel gauge disappear?

    Before you answer, I do want to clarify again that I do refuel normally at 1/8 tank minumum. I am just curious since the manual says the capacity is 12.3 yet I was only able to fill to 10.4.

    Thanks for the information.

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