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    Taking Delivery on Monday, Feb 23rd. Did I get a good deal?

    I went to test drive a couple of used AWD FEHs today, but I ended up buying a new one because they offered me a price that I thought was too good to be true. After taking a test drive on a used 2007 model, I was going to go to another dealership to test drive another because the 2007 model seemed to be excessively noisy (maybe only tire noise, but I had no way of knowing) and I didn't know if that was normal or not. The dealer offered to let me drive a new 2009 AWD model (I think it is a base model) so that I could compare the noise levels between the new model and the 2007 model. Well, my wife an I fell in love with the 2009 model and knowing how rare they are on dealer lots, I thought that I'd offer $1000 above invoice. Before I could even make that offer, the salesman told me that he had talked to the manager while I was gone and said that they would sell it to me for invoice price (yes, I know about holdbacks). Anyway, I immediately accepted the offer and will pick it up on Monday. What I want to know is: Are lots of dealers offering deals like this now, or did I get a really good deal (or could I have done better)? Cars.com said on their website that a "Smartdeal" would be paying MSRP.
    By the way, I've owned a Prius since March of 2005 and I'm 100% sold on the technology. We have 112,500 miles on the Prius and the only repair has been a front wheel bearing covered under warrantee. I hope to have similar good luck with this FEH.

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    You got an excellent deal

    You got an excellent deal and you will get a $1,950 tax credit on your '09 tax return for the AWD also. Enjoy!

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    Let me add a comment about

    Let me add a comment about the noise level you wrote about. We have owned a number of Escapes since they were introduced including the 2008 FEH we have now. With the update for 2008, Ford made a number of improvements in noise isolation, especially along the undercarriage. We noticed the difference immediately when we test drove a couple of 2008 Escapes, both gasoline and hybrid, before we ordered our hybrid. You were not imagining this.

    Congratulations on your purchase. We have always loved the Escape and we love the hybrid version the most. We have a little over 20,000 miles on it now and it has been absolutely trouble free, as were the previous Escapes.

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    I have been trying to buy a

    I have been trying to buy a base model Escape Hybrid for weeks, and the dealer I'm working with won't come down from MSRP, so I'm officially jealous. Congrats and enjoy. Although I really want to buy the car, my mother taught me never to pay retail........

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    Check Ebay, I just bought a

    Check Ebay, I just bought a 2008 FEH with 15,500 miles for $18,500! Ford factory warrenty also. NADA book value $27,000 With the price of gasoline low the demand is not as much. New cars are not selling due to the economy concerns. Inventories of new cars are not moving. Cash is king. Don't pay MSRP! Make the sales people sell in todays market or walk away.

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    Getting one for MSRP is

    Getting one for MSRP is pretty good! The demand is still pretty high and the volume is still pretty low, so don't expect a dealer to go lower than MSRP. There are a few used ones out there but you won't qualify for the tax credit on those so definately look at what you would be giving up going that route....

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    Does anyone order cars?

    Does anyone order cars? When I buy Fords I order them, it is never longer that 6 - 7 weeks. I get the exact options I want in the exact color. That way I can present many dealers in my area with the same exact car, I know the invoice going in, they have not paid any interest on it. It is a slam dunk for them and me. The day it arrives I pick it up. I am going to try this with a Hybrid in two weeks.

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    Yea, You got really an

    Yea, You got really an excellent deal. you should go for that.
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