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    Another newbie with FEH questions

    I am new here. The 2009 Escape has made it onto our short list as a replacement for an aging Windstar that has served many years as a utility vehicle. Obviously the Escape is smaller--which is fine.

    Couple questions:

    (1) Anyone know the width between the wheel well covers in the cargo area--measured at the floor level? How about length from the back of the front seats to the lift gate--again measured at the floor level? I looked on Ford's website for this detail but could not find it.

    (2) Has anyone actually owned an FEH long enough to have the battery pack serviced or replaced? I view cars as "appliances" and tend to keep the good ones for a longer time (15 years in the case of the Windstar) and I wonder what the cost is.

    (3) I believe that GM says that the batterires in the Volt have a manufacturing cost of ~$16,000. I do not know the A-hr ratings for the Volt and FEH, but it makes me wonder how Ford can offer the FEH at near-Prius pricing without some sort of subsidy.

    (4) Anyone know why so many used Prius and FEH have "salvaged titles".

    Regards, j

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    In the '09 FEH, there is

    In the '09 FEH, there is about a 1' section that reduces the width to 40 1/2" near the center of the length, but the rest is 45 1/4" wide. The bottom rear seats fold up against the back of the front seats. This reduces the length at the floor to 58" for the cargo area.

    The longest warranty is 10 years for the HV battery from Ford and the FEH went into service in July '04. There are very few battery failures and some taxis have gone 300,000 miles.

    The Volt will come with a much more expensive Lithium Ion plug-in charge battery and the FEH and Prius comes with Ni h battery with limited EV distance and is not a plug-in battery. The present FEH battery is ~$7,000, but I expect the price to go down.

    The hybrid drivetrain makes it cost effective to repair heavy body damage for resale. Resale value is much higher on a Prius or FEH than gas versions anyway.

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    Hi, We are a group of

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