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    civic hybrid or prius

    Presently I own a 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid that I am very satisfied with. I'm looking at buying a new hybrid in the next couple months. Do the 2009 civics still have rear tire wear issues? Which car is more reliable the Civic Hybrid or the Prius? Which cars gets better actual mileage? Thank for your imput.

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    Hi alllenfitzpatrick: The

    Hi alllenfitzpatrick:

    The 2009 and late batches of 2008 models have been found to not have rear tire wear issues.
    The Prius is the most reliable of all hybrids not only because of the sound engineering but also because of the maturity of the platform (6 year model run).
    The HCH-II (2006-2010) is also the most reliable Honda hybrid ever and is base-lining very reliably (exceeding the reliability of many non-hybrid hondas) with some vehicles checking in with well over 150K miles without any issues.

    The Prius also gets the best combined (city/hwy) mileage. Generally a couple of MPG's advantage over the HCH-II. However, in mostly city driving the Prius is absolutely unbeatable unless you have an experienced pilot at the wheel of an HCH-II.
    On highway only driving, the HCH-II takes the crown with the opportunity to give you ridiculously high mileage (70-90 MPG).

    Please drive both and settle for the one that suits your tastes and needs. These two cars are the absolute best vehicles available to our market and you wont be wrong choosing either one.



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    MSantos thanks for your

    MSantos thanks for your input. I've enjoyed your comments over the past 2 years.

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    I have a late 2008 HCH that

    I have a late 2008 HCH that apparently had the rear control arm fix, but at under 18,000 miles all tires have excessive inner cupping and will need replaced. The dealership where I have it serviced told me that it is simply out of alignment and that the problem should be corrected after the alignment and new tires at my expense. Unfortunately, I had the car in for a B1 service the week before and was told that my tires were in good shape at 8.5/10.

    I don't want to pay several hundred dollars for an alignment and new tires just to have the same problem develope in another 18,000 miles or 8 months (I drive a lot for work). Similar forums report that the 2008 correction did not resolve this issue. Hopefully, those are the exceptions. Unfortunately, the dealership where I have my car serviced is pretty much dismissive of my complaints and in so many words told me to suck it up. I have placed a claim with Honda of America's Customer Service Department and have been told that a manager will contact me within a day or two. I will update with Honda's response. Other than the inner tire cupping issue this car exceeds all expectations, but this is a major issue to me. I did not purchase this car with the intent of dealings with this issue every 8 months and wait for Honda to respond what amount if any it will pay for replacement tires.

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    I have 2008 Honda Cicic

    I have 2008 Honda Cicic Hybrid. It have just over 22k miles on it, and the ride has progressively deteriorated. Went to the dealer. They say there is tire cupping on the front right wheel and it is not their problem. Not covered under warranty (ofcourse!) It seems like many others are having this issue.

    Any thoughts?

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    We have a 2006 and have not

    We have a 2006 and have not noticed any unusual tire wear. I have the regular summer tires off right now, have winter tires on separate rims currently installed, so I'm able to see very well how the OEM's look. We have around 60,000 km's on the OEM Bridgestone Insignia SE200. The tread depth remaining is around 5/32", enough for maybe one more "summer" season.

    There is no unusual pattern or assymetry to the wear in our case. I'm not trying to dispute that others *are* having issues, they obviously are, but just to report my experience. Maybe something in the suspension was came from more than one source, and there was variations?

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    JG, the same thing happened

    JG, the same thing happened to me. In my case it ended up being the rear control arm that had to be replaced. I was told that problem was corrected for my late 2008 model but apparently it wasn't.

    Whatever you do, PLEASE be persistent and push your dealership and Honda to correct this problem at no charge. At first I was told that it only needed a simple alignment and 4 new tires at my expense. If I did not pursue this matter further and just replaced my tires as they first told me to do the problem would still be there and in a few months I would be back paying for 4 new tires. After much haggling with Honda of America customer service and my dealership they finally took a much better look at my car and discovered the problem. Fortunately for me I did not have to pay for the cost of the tires and repair. Good luck and keep us posted.

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    For those who do have

    For those who do have problems such as excessive inner tire wear/cupping please file a complaint at the following site, http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/ivoq/. A recall may be forced if enough complaints are filed.

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