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    Replacement Tires

    I'm doing research on replacing my 2008 HCH II tires. I have 43,000 on the OEM Dunlops. I'm looking at the club tires (Costco / Sams). I want to get the free tire rotations usually included with the Club purchase. I've contacted Michelin but they do not want to commit to any LRR attributes, any good luck stories in replacing tires without losing MPG's.

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    A simple way to avoid losing

    A simple way to avoid losing MPG is go with the OEM tires at replacement tires. Honda chooses these primarily for good mileage.

    What model are your Dunlops? Our '06 came with Bridgestone Insignia Se200. When they get too worn I'll likely replace with the same for summer usage. I think either the Bridgestone Insignia Se200, or your OEM Dunlops would be best choice for mileage. Review them both and compare on TireRack for handling/traction, but unfortunately not much info re Rolling Resistance.

    We have Nokian WRG2 on right now, on steel rims, as our "Winter" tires. I think they are responsible for a small downturn in fuel economy, not too bad though.

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    Hi john-rep: What Mendel

    Hi john-rep:

    What Mendel said.

    Almost nothing can beat the OEM tires for fuel economy, but if you can't get them at all then opt for energy saving Michelins or another brand and run them at least at their maximum pressure ratings (this is no typo). That should help offset some of the MPG loss.



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    The Dunlops are the SP31's.

    The Dunlops are the SP31's. The dealer said there are two models which makes it more confusing. They charge for the tires and he said the prices fluctuate with the oil prices and then they want 22.00 for mounting and I have to pay for rotations and balancing going forward. Thats why I want to get them at on of the clubs. I'll have to see if Sams can get the OEM's because they sell the dunlops but that OEM is not listed on their website. The tires were starting to wear and I had them rebalanced and it did not help much. I took them back to the dealer to check the balance again and I had to get the control arms replaced, like the 06 and 07 models with those problems.

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    I've found the Bridgestone

    I've found the Bridgestone Insignia SE200 available at a couple of local tire retailers, maybe they're more widely available. These were our '06 HCHII OEM tire.

    One caveat, strictly speaking our OEM's are Insignia SE200_02. The last "02" being diminutive numbers on the sidewall, just beyond/below the "200". There are some profile dimension and weight differences, but the "02" are *not* readily available, and come in very limitted sizes.

    I have heard of someone replacing his OEM Insignia SE200_02's with the SE200 (without the '02), without taking a mileage hit. Keep in mind that any brand new tire will be a bit of a setback for the first few hundred km's (or miles), due to more aggressive, brand new tread, etc.

    Here's TireRack's all-season rating comparison, with both the Bridgestone and the Dunlop:


    I was just in our west coast Canadian dealership, and noticed a Civic Hybrid in the showroom had Dunlop's, fwiw. Not sure if it was '08 or the new '09.

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    I've done all that research.

    I've done all that research. I'm looking for actual applications of replacements. Even on tire rack you can search by vehicle and see most comments. Most people just can't wait to get rid of the OEM tires and replace them for better handling tires. No many mention MPG statistics. But, as you can see on the tirerack review the Dunlop SP31's are not rated very good. I've gotten over 43,000 miles at this point but I was told mostly highway miles will always get more mileage from tires. I guess I'm just heading into a point where most owners have not had to replace tires yet. I'd like to get tires that have a good mileage warranty because of all the miles I am driving. The Michelin's that have the best LRR (Energy MXV4 S8) don't have a mileage warranty but have a 6 years warranty listing. Michelin said 40,000.


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    Has anyone seen the latest

    Has anyone seen the latest Consumer Reports rating of LLR tires. The only one I've seen seemsto be 4-5 years old and those tires are not even sold any more.

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    Rolling Resistance ratings

    Rolling Resistance ratings seem pretty spotty, especially considering the interest in it.

    Up to now, at least my take: what seems to go hand-in-hand is low rolling resistance and lackluster traction. As to ditching OEM for something "better": one thing to keep in mind: a major factor in Honda's choice of OEM tires was to achieve good mileage ratings.

    You hear a lot of stories of people swapping their OEM's for something better, and then reporting a drop in mileage. Considering the likely improvement in wet/snow traction, it's a trade-off worth considering.

    The Nokian WRG2 we've been rolling on for the winter months are actually not too bad for rolling resistance, and if there's possibility of snow in your area they are *way* ahead of our Bridgestone's, escpecially with our's being down to around 5/32" tread depth remaining, they're really bad in snow.

    I'll put the Bridgestones back on in a month or so, and I'm sure there'll be some improvement in mileage, but I suspect it won't be a night-and-day difference.

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    Hello It has been a while


    It has been a while since my last post. I am in need of new tires
    because of the control arm issue, only got 26k from the tires. Has
    anyone replace the oem's with Kumo kr21? I had them on my last
    car and love them. I am concerned about a mpg hit, if it is not a big
    hit then the improvement with traction will be a good trade off.


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    i installed the KR21's last

    i installed the KR21's last week and have not seen a hit or gain in my mpg. I am running 42F/40R for pressure. can't beat the price either i paid $216.00 for the set of 4 installed. i hated the bridgestone's for all around feel and performance they started to get loud towards the end, i got 34k out of them. the KR21's are quiet, smooth and corner better.

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