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    How does the IMA work?

    I just bought my first HCH. It is a 2009. So far I am very pleased with the mileage that I am getting (first tank = 41.3 mpg with the gauge and 42.5 mpg actual miles to the gallons). My current tank of fuel shows 397 miles averaging 42.8 mpg. So, I hope that when I refuel that the actual will be even better than what the gauge is showing.

    Here is what I need to find out. The dealership didn't seem as though they were to confident in the knowledge of how the IMA works. I say this because the Salesman was new to the Honda dealership and the individual that he tried to have explain how the IMA work, didn't seem to make sense to me. My main questions are these:

    Does the electric motor assist the internal combustion engine or is it the other way around?
    Do I want to try to drive so that as little of the "Assist" gauge shows?

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    Hi Denverkass; The electric

    Hi Denverkass;

    The electric motor assists the gas engine. You'll definitely want to drive with minimal assist being displayed as that will take your fuel economy well past 50-60 MPG.

    I would read the following for additional details:




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