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    Unscheduled repairs

    While I have read several reports of no problems with your FEH & MMH, mine by the sheer number of trips to the dealership Must be a lemon, it has even surpassed my Dodge Dakota that the MMH replaced. That said, none of the repairs have been show stoppers, and I do still enjoy 29 - 34 mpg.
    Within its first 15 months, I have been to the dealership 11 times, and not once did it take one trip to fix something. I have had a pipe on the HVAC unit fall off, twice, so the second time they ordered the piece and the third trip they replaced and fixed that problem, at the same time I reported the passenger side HVAC temperature control knob was defective, they pulled it and put it back in and said it was fine, yeah for about a week. Seems sometimes if you turn it to the right it will go 65, 66, 65, 66, 65,.... but if you go to the left will usually go all the way to 60 and then operate normally for a day maybe two. They finally, fourth time complaining about it, ordered a new one, and you guessed it another trip to replace it. Then the CD player ate 6 cd's and refused to regurgitate them, one trip to pull them out and order another, 1 trip to put in another radio, cd, nav, ooops can't program it, they tell me that after 3 1/2 hrs they tell me that. Set another appt, then they cancel it, set another then they cancel it, finally they bought a new laptop, and they got another tech and I have radio, nav, cd, EV monitor, and clock after more than a month, try that when a poor guy can't carry a tune or remember too many lyrics, that is close to heck as you can get. The last one was, I ordered an additional key, and you guessed it they either screwed it up or it was defective so one last trip. Like I said nothing major just maddening.
    This first 15 months has surpased our 8 years with my wifes Avalon.
    So is this just an isolated case or have others had similar experiences?

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    I'm genuinely sorry to hear

    I'm genuinely sorry to hear about your misfortunes with your MMH. We've had our '08 FEH for over a year and a half, have put nearly 20,000 miles on it and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever. I believe most surveys show that owners are quite satisfied with them, as well.

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    We've had a FEH for just

    We've had a FEH for just over three years with 34000 miles, and I cannot comment on the dealer's ability to properly repair the vehicle, because it has not needed a single unscheduled repair during this time.

    Our FEH is the most trouble-free vehicle we've ever had and we have been driving since 1969.

    There's one problem with single vehicle or single-dealer experiences, like ours and yours, and that is trying to overgeneralize them. Thousands of people have owned them and a statistical or even semi-statistical collection (like CR) is a better gauge of vehicle reliability, although you will still find outliers (i.e. lemons).

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    Is it possible at

    Is it possible at all?


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