I am new to this site, but was kind of interest in learning about the advancements of green technology. Something I think might be a major stumbling block with batteries is well canada. I use to live in Manitoba and despite the population there being less still on average that province sees the biggest temperature swings during the year of any place on the planet. Not really sure a electric powered vehicle would work well there. I have witnessed going out to start cars only to find the battery frozen. A hybrid vehicle has to work everywhere, and it still staggers me that space probes are capable of maintaining their batteries but we can't make batteries that can face something as simple as -45.

I found it encouraging that there is a Quebec company that is making electric vehicles, but somewhat disconcerting that they are not available in canada because transport canada will not approve them on the highways. Something about collision safety is sub standard.

I just recently seen a electric motocross bike. Would certainly be something I would consider, need to have a full fledged street bike thou. But I think what really sets people back with alternate fuel systems is the cost of them. I was looking at adding supplemented power to my house but at over 100 thousand dollars for the system and no subsidization to help out that kind of technology is hard to justify.

Is there ways of supplementing power that a home owner can do without having to buy massive systems?