I really like this 2008 model even though it is completely different than anything I've ever owned before such as SUV's like Jeeps, Ford Escapes, and fast Mustangs. The Honda is a very well made car in every way, in my experience it has respected the great Honda reputation for manufacturing quality, and over the last 15,000 miles the car say's I'm getting 52 miles per gallon. Nice car but I have a long standing issue with the auto-stop function.

The auto-stop is a great idea but this car seems to be very picky in how it views this subject. My complaints involve how much pressure I input on the brake pedal and mostly when it is applied. It's kind of hard to explain so I'l try to provide some examples.

1) While coasting to a stop I'll gently apply the brakes and just before jerking to a stop I'll lightly let off the brakes in order to stop more smoothly and the motor will restart.

2) When stopped (brakes applied) for what I think is a long time the motor will not shut off even though the motor is idling.

3) And, sometimes when the engine is off at a stop with the brakes applied the motor will restart even though I did not detect a change in my foot pressure.

Even though these may appear to be minor complaints I'm relaying my frustration since I'm trying to maximize fuel miles per gallon with this car. As you may understand this whole miles per gallon thing has turned into some kind of game where I want to beat my best 52 miles per gallon over the last 15,000 miles in a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid. My car is white and it is really a cool totally high tech car - but the Mustang will low tech completely smoke it in every way except miles per gallon and auto shut-off.

Any suggestions?
And don't tell me to better modulate the brake pedal. Sheesh! Give me a break.