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    Tire Pressure Sensor

    Hi all!

    My information panel (under the RPM's) just threw a code and the tire pressure light came on. The code was "Tire Sensor Fault."

    I am going in to get the oil changed by the dealer this week and i am going to ahve them check on this, but wanted to know if this is anything anyone else has seen.

    Sorry if this is a stupid thread, but i like to get "real" opinions on these things instead of the dealer answers!!


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    There is a thread on Greenhybrid.com on this issue. Here is the link: http://www.greenhybrid.com/discuss/s...ad.php?t=13895

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    I had a defective sensor in

    I had a defective sensor in my right front. We had it replaced no problems since. That was about a year ago.

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    It has been replaced and no

    It has been replaced and no problems. the wrench still comes on periodically, but not steady...it did that before for about three months, then it stopped for two or three months...now it is back..

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    After a year for that

    After a year for that problem to persist must be really annoying. We had a similar problem and went to http://www.mavistire.com and it turns out, we actually needed new tires when we finally ended up going. But they had someone on staff who knew how to fix the issue with our sensor, lucky us! I hope your sensor is working right now.

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