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    Way too hiigh idle (engine full warmed)

    For the last 3~4 days we've been having the intermittent experience of abnormally high idle. This is with the car full warmed up.

    Come to a stop: usually all is ok, it either idles normally, or Auto Stops. But several times the rpm goes through the roof! Up around 3000. Shifting to neutral and it jumps another 400~500. A firm foot on the brake pedal is required...

    I will call the dealership on Monday, but in the interim, any one experience this? Any ideas?

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    Hi Mendel; If memory serves

    Hi Mendel;

    If memory serves me well, this has happened to a few folks already.
    In some of these cases, one or more of the following was done to resolve their problems:
    - Refill with with CVTF fluid to a proper level
    - Start Clutch "end-plate" adjusted to meet proper clearance.
    - Calibration of the start clutch control sys.
    - PCM software update applied

    There are a few more reasons why you'd see such behavior but those are way to serious for a car with low mileage.



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    Thanks MSantos. I guess I'm

    Thanks MSantos. I guess I'm almost guilty of double-posting, having put the same question on CleanMPG Civic Hybrid Forum. For any and all interested:


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