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    I have a 2003 Civic Hybrid,

    I have a 2003 Civic Hybrid, at 70 000 km CVT transmission was replaced under warranty, at 110 000 km IMA Battery replaced too under extended warranty, 12 V battery 6 months old, have a problem, after few days without use, both battery are drained, now I have to buy a new 12 V battery for sure as they can't handle the deep depletion ... would be nice to find out what is the cause before the IMA battery will die too Hybrid technology is nice when works, but too complicated with tons of chance for fault, wouldn't buy again.

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    Well I have just had the same problem. EPS, Battery light, Check engine light *and* IMA light on all at once. Now I am waiting for the roadside assistance guy to come and help me out. I sincerely hope it is a battery issue!

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