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    2004 Civic Hybrid IMA Light - Car Won't Start - ABS/Braking Light

    I have a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid Automatic with 132,000 Miles on it.

    Yesterday morning my IMA Light came on out of no where. I drove it to work, just a mile down the road, and it was fine.

    Then yesterday afternoon I started it, and my IMA, ABS, and Braking, Lights all came on. Braking felt different - stiffer.

    This morning, the car would start at all - it just clicked repeatedly, and flashed all of the lights on the Gage Face.

    Does this mean I need a new 12-V battery, or new IMA?

    Please help, Thanks!


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    Well I have just had the same problem. EPS, Battery light, Check engine light *and* IMA light on all at once. Now I am waiting for the roadside assistance guy to come and help me out. I sincerely hope it is a battery issue!

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