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    Screen wash not working

    I've bought myself a Civic Hybrid. It's in perfect condition, no problems mechanically at all (It's less than a year old).

    BUT - the screen wash thing doesn't work. I thought it was empty, but it's not - it's full. The motors churn away trying to spray the screen but nothing comes out. Any ideas???

    Its impossible to get to any of the pipes and hoses to check connections etc.

    Please help cos I really need them in this weather.


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    hi Mattblack; Try following

    hi Mattblack;

    Try following the hoses back into the reservoir and see if they actually enter it.
    The other thing to look for, is wax residue clogging the spray nozzles. If so try to use a pin or needle to break off the dry wax or sealant.

    Is this a 1st Generation civic hybrid (2003-2005) or a second generation (2006-2010) ?



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    You might try running the

    You might try running the washer motor with the car parked in a dry driveway, to see if anything shows up on the ground.

    A lot of the hoses leading up to the nozzles are in the cowl cover. This is the big piece of black plastic the nozzles are affixed to. If you're ambitious, you *can* pull it off yourself. Considering it is only around a year old though, wouldn't it still be under warranty?

    Anyways, if it it's out of warranty, and you want to try yourself:

    Step 1: Inspect all readily available washer fluid line connections first.

    Step 2: If that fails, and you want to see the hoses under the cowl cover:

    There are 3 plastic fasteners on the cowl cover, under the hood, that do little except confound removal. If you manage to break them during removal, no great loss.

    Then there is a gasket running the full length, that touches against the hood when it's closed, just pull it off, there's no adhesive or issues with this.

    The remaining removal can be done just with your hands. There are a number of hidden clips that will pop loose with a bit of pressure, just take your time, and alternate the corners you pull up on.

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    brilliant replies guys,

    brilliant replies guys, thanks for the detailed help.

    been playing some more today with it in daylight. I lifted up the wipers and run the screen wash motors for 5 minutes or so. Gradually more and more water started to come out of the nozzels, but still only just an inch or 2 of water coming out now (better than nothing though).

    And thanks for pointing out that it is still under warranty :-) I completely forgot. I'll try and fix it myself first (check for muck in the nozzels with a pin etc) or ill take it back on monday to a honda garage near me (The dealer i got it from is too far away).

    Thanks again, and if you can think of anything else please let me know.


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    One thing I forgot to

    One thing I forgot to mention *if* you ever do try pulling off the cowl cover yourself, you need to get the wiper blades rotated to vertical position on the glass, ie: at the top of their stroke. This moves them out of the way of the cowel cover as it is pulled off. To accomplish this: turn key to position 2 (dash lights and blower etc start up), start wipers, and quickly turn key to position 1 as wipers are at top of stroke.

    All of this is explained in a pdf floating around the net, a honda instruction for install of block heater. For your reference:

    (US) block heater part no: 08T44-SVB-100

    Here's one source for the pdf:


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    thanks mandel for that.

    thanks mandel for that. Luckily i didn't need to though - took it to a nearby honda dealer today and they pulled the cover off and found the hose(s) were trapped/kinked. Strange how that could ever have got like that though!

    All sorted now however, but thanks so much for all your replies.

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    Assuming the cover you refer

    Assuming the cover you refer to is the cowl cover (and maybe the dealership didn't go into detail), this is an item that might have been pulled off for access, either for blockheater install, or valve clearance check. Still it's difficult to see: I've had the cowl cover off twice in as many weeks (don't ask): I hardly gave the lines under there a glance, but they looked solidly clipped in.

    Anyway, with a near-new car under warranty, you went the smart route

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