Yes, the car was brand new and unmodified (offered by Honda for this event) loaded with 3 adult drivers and their luggage and the trip covered all 48 US States at highway speeds (never breaking the posted speed limit).

So, is this what a Civic Hybrid II can do?

Yes, this is possible and like many of us, you can too. Now, note that the car was not broken-in yet and it was loaded with 3 adults. Now imagine what would be possible with just one driver ? Think about it.

And how is this possible?

Proper and safe driving techniques with a clear understanding of what the car needs. The Civic Hybrid's instrumentation tells the owners what it needs but many don't listen, don't know or simply don't care.

Anyhow, not only did they overtake the target mileage set by an Australian couple months before in a Volkswagen TDI, they exceeded it by 11.5% to establish the new record at 68.54mpg (US) in a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid through all 48 contiguous states in Rain, Ice and Snow conditions !!!

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