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    I traded my 2009 Prius with

    I traded my 2009 Prius with 25K miles which never got lower the 47.3 MPG for a New 2010 Prius to take advantage of the advertised 51.0 MPG. What a farse. I now get no more than 41.0 mPG and most of the time about 37MPG doing the same driving. Toyota really screwed up the 2010 Prius.

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    I just bought a 11k 2009

    I just bought a 11k 2009 prius and so disappointed about its mpg. It runs averagely 35mpg. I drive mostly hwy and nonbusy city trafficts, about 103 miles/day. I don't have any load in this car, and I don't have any A/C or fan on. Not even uphills or downhills either. This car just had the services 400 miles back. I don't think I have bad driving habbits either. I have been driving the other cheap car, Honda civiv basis. It runs just about exactly the same mpg as this prius one.
    Sorry! I just feel disappointed!!!

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    3 miles each way is WAY to

    3 miles each way is WAY to short for a Prius. A Prius must drive 5 miles before it completes it's integrated warm up cycle and then becomes the most fuel efficient. Any car is inefficient the first few miles but the Prius's MFD is just so sensitive that it actually shows it. The regular Prius isn't meant for short trips. If I were you, I'd get the Plug-In Prius. That would be MUCH more fuel efficient fir you.

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    I changed my oil, air filter

    I changed my oil, air filter and put new tires on my 2008 Prius. It is getting worse gas mileage now than it was before needing clean oil and a new air filter. Anything else I can check. I commute 75 each way to work.

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    I have a 2008 prius with

    I have a 2008 prius with 72,000 miles on it, it only give me around 32 or 38 miles x gallon. on the other hand I was driving and so sudden 4 ligths came on, and I did shout down by itself. I had to call a wrecker service they did not know how to haul my car because was dead. we could not putting on neutral because was dead. after a day in the dealer , they say first, the battery, and then they say no, second the brake switch, and then they say no, third, a fuse was blown because the water pump was heated, wich it never let me know, it took just two minutes between the ligths came on and then shouted down. at this point the are talking about 600 dlls in repairs and I don't even know if it is true.

    does someone experienced this before ???

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    I was getting 46 to 50 miles

    I was getting 46 to 50 miles to the gallon with factory bridgestone tires on my 2008 toyota prius which only has 31000 miles on it.Ever since i bought firestone affinity touring tires about a month ago my gas mileage went to 41 miles to the gallon right away and has never gotten any better

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    I bought a 2008 Prius 2

    I bought a 2008 Prius 2 months ago and am getting really low mileage- max 37. Its rated by Toyota at 44-48- but now their service dept says the real rating is 32-46 according to the government. Nice of them to tell me this now. Had that been on the Window Sticker I would have walked on by.
    I've driven Toyotas for years and never had them fail to reach the advertised mpg. This is a real disappointment.

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