Hi All:

I'm trying to collect some real data here from owners of 2008/2009 Ford Escape Hybrids, Mercury Mariner owners may chime in as well.

With vehicles with the NAV system installed, there are reports that all 2009 units fail to continue to show the date in the center stack display when the radio is turned on, There are reports of the time actually hanging (stuck) in the center while the real time is displayed in the upper right hand corner durning media changes.

I'd like to know if you owners are experiencing this issue.

I would like to know the year and model of the vehicle as well as the configuration of the entertainment system, either the NAV system or the 6 disc changer system. as well as wether you have seen this issue or not. This might allow me to figure out if this is by design or a bug and perhaps a fix can be put in order.