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    Thank you Admin

    Thank you Admin

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    I have a 2009 Prius with

    I have a 2009 Prius with Option Pkg 6 and have the same issue with the garage door opener and the XM radio. I just tried to activate XM as I didn't use the car much in the past 2 years. I love the car but the XM misleading info on the package/sticker really is disappointing.

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    I noticed You were having

    I noticed You were having problems programming your homelink in your, I hope you got it to work if not, try this. First erase any existing codes by pressing the first and last buttons on the homelink (located on the rear view mirror) then press your garage door opener and any of the 3 homelink buttons until the light on the homelink start blinking fast if you have a regular garage door motor this should work, if it doesn't work it means that you garage door has a rolling code, so in addition to first step your going to press the learn button ( usually on the back of the garage motor but sometimes on the front) anyway after you press the learn button press again the button on the homelink inside the car for about 15-20 seconds and that should make it work. Good luck. My garage has a rolling code that's how I know.

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    Does anyone know if there is

    Does anyone know if there is an after market Satellite radio antennae that can be hooked up through the aux. of my existing 2009 Prius Radio?

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