We just put down our deposit today for a 2009 Prius (Spectra Blue Mica) that we're supposed to pick up on Monday. We are having a LOT of trouble finding out anything about the best ways to integrate our iPod and our existing XM satellite radio (Roady XT) into the car. Toyota themselves are balking at doing the installation for us, but everything I've read on forums and blogs seems to say that if you don't have the satellite radio capability factory installed, you cannot also run an iPod in the car. I assume that means that the third party installation uses the auxiliary input jack that you'd normally use for the iPod.

Also, I'm having no luck finding out exactly _what_ the options package #3 and above "satellite capability" consists of. Is it a dock (so I can use my portable XM)? Is it a radio installed into the dash (so that I'd have to get another subscription)?

I'm willing to spend the extra money to get an options package #3 car (and wait for it), because when I tried to speak to Circuit City about installing an aftermarket satellite radio, what they told me was not very encouraging: it sounds like they're just attaching the dock to the vents, which I can do myself!

Is there any kind of aftermarket satellite system for the Prius that is properly _installed_, rather than just clipped to the vents or stuck to the dash with double-mount tape? Alternatively, what is the official Toyota factory-installed unit like?

Thanks a bunch!

Amy (Fjordstone)