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    '09 FEH newbie questions from a potential owner

    Newbie here - Im considering ordering an '09 FEH AWD, but have some questions the salesman said he couldn't honestly answer. I appreciate any help you can send my way.

    I live in Georgia, where it's hot 8 months out of the year.

    1) Does the engine run at every mode of a/c (from low fan speed to max a/c) ? I have read about the heater core bypass, and am not likely to try that. I am thinking of getting a white FEH with the openable moonroof to help keep the interior cooler. A thread from 3 years ago suggested an Arizona person wouldn't benefit from the FEH because the engine would be running all the time.

    2) Does the engine always run when the heater is on?

    3) On a level road, at what speed will the engine always stay on? My salesman thought it was around 25mph. The only time I drive under 25 is usually in a parking lot or neighborhoods. I am not caught very often in stop and go interstate traffic.

    Many thanks,


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    Hey Vince, I live in Georgia

    Hey Vince,
    I live in Georgia as well (Atlanta). I am on my 2nd FEH and it does very well in Georgia.

    1. The engine does NOT run in every mode of A/C. However, if the compressor is on, the engine is on. The econ mode alows the air to blow without the compressor to be on, as long as certain conditions are met (cabin temp, battery temp). Usually it takes a few mins to cool the cabin down, then you can handle the compressor not being on at stop signs, traffic lights, etc. I drive through Atlanta traffic during rush hour traffice and rarely does the cabin get uncomfortable enough for me to make the compressor cut back on. Even if your compressor was on all the time, you would still have better than non-hybrid MPG.
    2. No, the heat can run without the engine being on. But if the engine drops below a certain temp, the engine will cut back on to bring itself back to the needed temp.
    3. From a dead stop, that is probably true. But, you can use the gas to get up to a higher temp, say 39 MPH, then ease off the gas and it will go into electric mode. I usually use battery up to 25, then gas/electric to 39, then electric at 39 and cruise for a while.

    Someone else can probably give you a more technical answer for these, but I wanted to give you a "Georgian" perspective. What part of Ga?

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    Thanks for the speedy reply.

    Thanks for the speedy reply. I am close to the Locust Grove/Jackson area.

    What kind of city/hwy mileage have you been getting driving through Atlanta? Is yours the AWD model?

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    I do have an AWD and I get

    I do have an AWD and I get an average per tank range of 31-34 depending on the weather, where I went during that tank, etc. I have a 2008 AWD. I traded a 2006 FWD and it got about 2 miles more per gallon.

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