Newbie here - Im considering ordering an '09 FEH AWD, but have some questions the salesman said he couldn't honestly answer. I appreciate any help you can send my way.

I live in Georgia, where it's hot 8 months out of the year.

1) Does the engine run at every mode of a/c (from low fan speed to max a/c) ? I have read about the heater core bypass, and am not likely to try that. I am thinking of getting a white FEH with the openable moonroof to help keep the interior cooler. A thread from 3 years ago suggested an Arizona person wouldn't benefit from the FEH because the engine would be running all the time.

2) Does the engine always run when the heater is on?

3) On a level road, at what speed will the engine always stay on? My salesman thought it was around 25mph. The only time I drive under 25 is usually in a parking lot or neighborhoods. I am not caught very often in stop and go interstate traffic.

Many thanks,