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    2006 civic stalled IMA Failure. Safety issue! Please help!

    Upon autostop the car never reengaged. I tried to start the car and heard the starter gears grind so apparently the engine was running. I put in in park braked, and the car still rolled a few feet! As the car rolled it made a winding sound which faded as the car rolled to a stop. Fortunately I was able to let the car roll out of traffic. I had to shut the car off and restart. I have scheduled an appointment with Honda. Does anyone have any insight concerning this issue? Any info might shed some light which I can convey to service. BTW the car's recall issue was fixed. Many thanks!

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    Sounds odd that you could

    Sounds odd that you could put it in Park and it still rolled several feet: points to a problem with the continuously variable transmission? It will very likely be covered under the warranty, being "powertrain" related.

    Any way, someone who can really help, Mr MSantos, should be along shortly

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    Hi Jamriman; Does the

    Hi Jamriman;

    Does the transmission setting indicator "D" blink when you shift to it?

    How many miles does your car have and what model year is it? When was the last time you had its H-ATF (CVT) fluid changed or CVT serviced?

    Lastly, when was your last PCM update performed?

    Yes, it would appear you have a problem. Your best bet would be to take it in and they'll fish a DTC out that will point to one of roughly 2 dozen possible discrepancies.

    Common issues:
    -Shift cable needs adjustment or broken
    -CVT range switch needs replacement
    -Flywheel or assembly is defective

    Side note:
    Many HCH owners who live in hilly topographies report that in steep inclines the car may move a foot or so when placed in the park position. While this does not happen all the time and to everyone, it remains a somewhat "known behavior"... and that is why it is recommended that we apply the parking brake before letting go the brake pedal (after switching to Park).
    Not that it means much, but this is what I was taught when I was learning how to drive many decades ago.



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    Many thanks for your

    Many thanks for your comments. I was never notified of your responses. It happened again. This time I didn't panic. After auto stop the engine simply does not engage after I take my foot off the brake. No warning lights, just the blinking auto stop light. This time I just shifted into neutral and it kicked on. I took it to the dealer and all they did was upgrade the computer and since then it happened again. Now I got Honda involved to open up a case investigation. Anyone have any ideas as to what's causing this? Thanks in advance.

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