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Thread: Dash Clock

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    Dash Clock

    I've noticed the clock above the dash radio in my '08 HCH runs fast byt 3-4 minutese every few months. I change it back, but find that it is fast again after a few months. I asked the dealer when I brought it in for an oil change today, and the service agent there said he would order a new radio/clock for me and swap it out. Wondering if any one else notices this in their HCHs...if its common, maybe its not worth changing the whole radio and risk having the new part do the same thing. Thanks.

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    Hi Peggy; Now that you

    Hi Peggy;

    Now that you mention it... I did notice a bit of deviation on both of my HCH-2s (2006 and 2007 models), but I never made anything out of it because I have yet to see a clock unit in an affordable mass produced vehicle that keeps the time accurately anyways.

    In your particular scenario, I would take the dealer offer and have the unit replaced if the deviation is that significant.



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