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    Extended Service plan

    Hi All:

    Just came back from the dealer, I can tell you that buying a car is not a happy experience. Even when using the X-Plan and having the price protection, they force the extended service plan at you.

    If you all have been reading, I came accross a divot in the leather seat, which over time fixed itself. I was not going to accept the vechile until it was fixed, so now its fixed and we began moving forward. The finance guy said and I quote "Your only decision is to purchase this plan". Then he went on to say, you've saved money by using the price protection, and that they can sell these cars for a lot more than what I am purchasing it for.

    I almost walked away form the deal and still might, but I wanted to see if others purchased it.

    Going over the details, there a lot of little things like retainers and seals, but I see nothing about circuit boards and sunroof (seals or motor). I see the plan as too grandular (nut and Feffule), I mean thanks but what does it cost really .20 cents.


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    Paul, that is the finance

    Paul, that is the finance guy's job to sale you other profit makers. I didn't get the extended warranty and I don't deal with dealer financing. I use a Credit Union that I joined and they want your business these days. My recommendation is to take your contract agreement to a Credit Union and compare interest rates and final payment. If you pay the contact price you should be able to skip that finance dude all together. Let the Credit Union handle the deal from here on and they should protect your interest much better than a dealership. If you have a trade-in, the deal should still be the same as the contract you give to a credit union or a bank.

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    Nearly all experts advise

    Nearly all experts advise against purchasing extended warranties. They are there to provide added profit to the seller and little more.

    I've owned a number of Fords and have found them to be more or less trouble free over the long haul. Your basic vehicle warranty offers good protection and the hybrid components are separately warranted for 8 years or 100,000 miles.

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