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    the other day, i was

    the other day, i was thinking about my battery, so i started looking at these sites. i have a 2005 HCH, which i bought used, i already put 40k on it this year alone. i've never had a problem with it. i never really care about the battery, i pull off fast, i even do burn outs some times. i take it on road trips in the mountains. (which every hill kills the battery, then refills it all the way on the down side, about 30 times on my one way drive). i think its odd that some of you people only get 40mpg. every tank for me has been around 51mpg, in the winter, and is slowly starting to go up because of summer 60+ once it stays warm. i wish everyone luck with a long lasting battery, but my thoughts are this, when it goes it goes, i've seen people with 40k, and 230k before they go out its just chance. enjoy the car for what its worth.
    i'm sad to see mine going summer of 2012 when the prius c comes out. my wife wants me to teach her how to drive a 5speed and i love my car to much to let her beat it up, so i have to get a prius c for the transmission, to have a shared car
    good luck with cars and batteries

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    I'm looking at purchasing a

    I'm looking at purchasing a 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid Sedan with 109,000 miles on it, for $9000. I live in central WI and the car is totaly rust and dirt free underneath, almost as though it was never driven. It is more peppy than my '95 Civic and drives great, but I'm worried about battery life. How long are they good for? Will I have to replace the battery pack soon?

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    I have a 2004 honda civic

    I have a 2004 honda civic hybrid. I have noticed the problems with the transmission but the service dept at Honda said they could not hear it.....Does anyone know how long the warranty for the CVT is or whether this may be covered under a recall? I had problems with my battery and was finally successful in receiving a new battery at no cost. Thanks,

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    You might want to think

    You might want to think again. Because it's not the battery that goes out. The transmission will go out around 150,000 mile mark. It will cost you 3500 bucks, but if they could warrant the work for 100,000 miles then it would be like buying a great used car. Also, if your hybrid has not been driven or run for at least a month then your assist battery will die. It says it under the hood. The sticker says to run the car once a month to keep your assist battery charged.

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    I have a 04 HCH and it had

    I have a 04 HCH and it had the juddering problem for a couple of months now. the dealer said they want to replace the starter clutch and the car is now at 110,000 miles without warranty. Can't afford the possible $2000 cost as i have just replaced the a/c compressor for over $1000 and the dealership doesn't offer financing. Definitely regretting buying a used hybrid now...anyone have any suggestions as to what i should do?

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    just bought 2004 civic

    just bought 2004 civic hybrid i noticed a slight roughness in take off and in reverse it run perfect been well kept is there any info. on the roughness

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