I didn't realize when I bought my manual transmission 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid with 44,500 miles on it in May of this year what the cost of a new IMA battery pack would be and that it is needed more often in manual transmission cars than CVT cars before the car reaches 100,000 miles.

I put 10,000 miles on the car already and drive 20,000 miles a year on level roads, half expressway, half suburb driving. I drive carefully and not too fast. I really like the car but am wondering if I should sell it before it requires the expensive IMA battery pack replacement. I wouldn't mind so much if Honda continues to pay for half of the $5000 cost but I don't know if they will continue this. Also I don't know if the fact I am the second or third owner (bought it from a dealer in NJ and I live in MI), would affect this. Maybe I am just worrying too much too far ahead, which wouldn't be the first time!

I get about 46 to 49 mpg, once got 56 mpg on a long road trip.

Thanks for any imput!