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    Vibration on take off from stop/roll? Is this normal?

    I am considering buying a used 2007 TCH. It has low miles and full remaining factory warranty. I took it for a test drive and loved it, but the only question is when acceleration slowly, from a stop or a roll, the car has a mild vibration or shimmy. It seems like the transmission is trying to link up or the electric and gas systems are coordinating. I have never driven any Toyota Hybrid, let alone a Camry hybrid, and was wondering if this is normal and if any owners out there are nice enough to tell me if they have ever encountered it if it is not normal.

    I spoke to someone at Don McGill Toyota in houston, Tx and they told me that a slight hesitation or vibration from a stop is normal for the hybrid as the system is trying to be efficient.

    Can any owner give me their take?

    - Mark

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    I have a 2007 Camry hybrid

    I have a 2007 Camry hybrid with 27,000 miles. I have never had a problem when starting. Occasionally, and I mean very rarely, coming to a stop I can feel the engine shift to electric. I love my Camry; 36 mpg for over two years.

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    I just purchased an 09 and I

    I just purchased an 09 and I noticed the same thing. I was going to ask the dealer about it when I stop in on Friday. If it's normal, I can live with it. I just want to see if it is normal.

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