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    2003 HCH will not start

    I was trying to start my car today and when I turned the key the car went "click click click click" all the lights started flashing and the engine wouldn't start. The car is on it's original 12V battery and I'm thinking that probably needs to be replaced. Anyone else have this problem?

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    Very common problem

    Very common problem particularly for a battery that old. Have it replaced as soon as possible with a good part and all will be back to normal.



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    I turned on the ignition.

    I turned on the ignition. all the lights and gauges operated properly but the engine would not turn over. No clicks, no nothing to indicate a bad battery. The vehicle is 3 years old so a battery would not seem to be at issue yet. However, it is in the 30's this morningthough this has not been an issue in previous falls or winters. What gives??

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