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    2008 hybrid battery down to zero bars??

    my car sat at work yesterday for a few hours and it was a very very hot day,, had my ac on as usual,, and after a mile or two after leaving my work,, i noticed my car was very very slow. Then i looked down at my battery strength and it was down to zero bars. Since i was close to a honda dealer i drove straight there but when i was at a red light, it jumped a bar,, then by the time i got there,, there was two bars, the technician then rev the motor up at 4k rpm to charge the battery full strength, then we went for a test drive, and they said everything was ok.. normal??? anybody else have this problem??

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    I do not own a Honda hybrid,

    I do not own a Honda hybrid, but I do know that they are true parallel hybrids. That means that the engine, electric motor, and the generator always run, and at a set ratio to each other, when the engine is turned on. If your battery was a little low when you stopped the car, and the AC was set high enough to draw most of the engine power and electric motor power to the AC and wheels, the battery would have been “starved” since no electricity was being produced to recharge with. All the electricity from the generator and battery were going to the electric motor. Once the energy requirements dropped (the car cooled down a little requiring less power for AC or no power requirement to the wheels at the light), then the engine could start generating electricity for the battery.

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    that does make sense,, i am

    that does make sense,, i am sure some of you guys live somewhere that is hotter than ca,, like arizona,, anybody else face this problem?? just wanna make sure its not just my car,, that did this

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    Hi b1gredek; The behavior

    Hi b1gredek;

    The behavior you referred to is quite normal. On the HCH-II the AC is powered by a hybrid scroll compressor that runs on electric power derived from the hybrid battery pack. If you set the climate control to a very aggressive setting, the gas engine will have to work hard to assist the electric half of the AC compressor.
    Please remember that on the HCH, the AC starts in electric and is assisted by the gas engine if your climate control setting is too aggressive.

    I suggest you type the following words in Google "Honda Civic Hybrid Frequently asked questions" select the top link and you'll have additional details and suggestions on how to avoid these scenarios.



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    The problem you describe is

    The problem you describe is known to Honda and is described in their service bullitin as "Hybrid batteries can be affected and damaged by excessively high temperatures." Unfortunately, the damaged batteries will cause degraded gas mileage, erratic and unsafe performance and is intermittant, so you'll never know when/if your can will become a slug.

    Even worse, you can be blessed with a damaged hybrid battery for months or years before it acutally dies, during which time Honda will refuse to replace the battery. Even better, they will "upgrade" your IMA software to cripple your hybrid system so it rarely uses they hybrid battery - thus maitaining its charge - and instead causing the little engine to rev trying to provide all the power. With the IMA crippled, the engine must be "flogged" and pushed to red line limits for the car to move out of its own way. Gas mileage on a Honda Civic Hybrid with a crippled IMA software upgrade is 27-28 mpg, less than a regular Civic.

    Honda will tell you this is "normal operation."

    File a complaint with your state's attorney general, a safety complaint with NHTSA and let everyone who is even thinking about buying a Honday hybrid - DON'T DO IT. The batteries are defective and Honda know all this - but doesn't seem to care.

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    Google around for Honda TSB

    Google around for Honda TSB 09-058... there's a software update that fixes this exact problem and is covered under warranty. In fact, even if you aren't under warranty, many dealers will perform the update for free as a "goodwill service".

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