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    Need People for TCU Student's Research Report

    My name is Tyler and I'm a Student at Texas Christian University and I'm doing a report on the Honda Civic Hybrid for my Marketing Research class. I need people complete a 5 to 10 min survey for my project. If you are interested in helping please just send me your email so I can email you the survey. Thank you for all your help! Even if your don't own a Honda Civic Hybrid your opinion still matters.

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    You first. The Nigerian

    You first.

    The Nigerian Prince I do my banking with says that you should never give out personal data to an unknown person.

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    Unfortunately I came to the

    Unfortunately I came to the same conclusion. I was going to send my email, and then thought better of it. It's an unfortunate fact of life. I'm sure you're legit, but scammers ruin it for everyone.

    Perhaps you can get enough responders in your local community. Check with Honda dealerships, maybe they can give you a few phone numbers of local hybrid owners.

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