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    this problem is happening to

    this problem is happening to many different makes of cars. i have a 2003 toyota carolla this problem started this past year. i called toyota service and of course they act like this is the first they heard of this and of course they want you to bring it in. its got to be something with the new pump these
    stations are installing. i didn't have this problem six months ago. theres people having the same problem at the same time i 'm trying to fillup. just look on the internet and see how many thousands of complaints there are concerning this problem. car dealers won't admit there is a problem with the pumps because they see this as an opportunity for more service calls to rip people off.

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    The same thing has happened

    The same thing has happened to me. In fact, I ran out of gas on the freeway. Not an enjoyable experience. I will also try this trick to see if if doesn't fill up for me. The most I can fill the tank up to these days is 8 and a half gallons-which is pretty darn pathetic for a nearly 12 gallon holding tank. If other Prius owners are having this issue, what will it take to get this issued resolved with a recall?

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    Read the other thread on the

    Read the other thread on the Prius fuel bladder.

    bottom line: Prius has a flexible rubber bladder, not a solid metal fuel tank.

    And the bladder gets stiff and less flexable in the winter.

    EVERY Prius ever made only holds 8 or 9 gallons during the winter. But goes back to full capacity when the weather gets about 60 deg or so..

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    I am also having this

    I am also having this problem. The tank was 1/2 empty and wouldn't take any gas. After reading various internet postings, I tried again the next morning and was able squeeze more gas in. But now the fuel gage is reading full even though I have driven over 185 miles. So now it appears I cannot trust my gas gage at all.

    Is there a fix for this problem?

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    No fix, adapt. It's not

    No fix, adapt.

    It's not uncommon for me to use 2 to 3 gallons of gas and have the tank read full. The bottom half of the tank goes faster. Don't trust the last two bars, especially the last bar.

    Use the trip odometer & mpg calculator. If you drove 400 miles & averaged 50mpg, then you should be able to add 8 gallons.

    When the pump shuts off, I can typically squeeze in 0.5 to 1 more gallon.

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    My 2002 now has the same

    My 2002 now has the same issue at the pumps where the the pump keeps tripping off due to sensed pressure. This just started about 6 weeks ago. Drives me nuts!!!!

    As for running out of gas well that's a no-brainer if you drive a lot of highway. Use your tripometer. Set it at 0 at every fill up. I know the capacity of my tank. 30 liters gets me 550 km's. So every 550 km's or 4 days of driving to work and back I fill up. I pump the gas until a wee bit pools up where the nozzle goes in. That way I know I have a full tank. Now my gas guage can do what ever the hell it wants and I couldn't care less.

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    We had never had this

    We had never had this problem until we went on a trip to Iowa in Sept 2011. I was almost out of gas, and the attendent came out and tried to get gas to not just turn off the pump. He had me move to another pump that did work, and placed an out of order sign on the original pump. It happened again and again at other stations during this trip, and I ended up having to go from station to station trying to find a pump that would work.

    I am on a trip to Atlanta as I write this, and again when going through S.C. I stopped for gas and the same thing happened. At the third station, I didn't place the nozzel all the way in, and then the gas didn't turn off the pump, and there was a very small spill. I had been watching for this to happen, and so the pump was going very slow at the time. I am thinking that when I am able to get a pump to work, I might not try to fill it all the way, but stop at say 4 or 5 gals. But I am happy to know that I am not the only one having a problem. Has anyone reported this to the government?

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    This happens frequently -

    This happens frequently - automatic shut off trips after starting to pump. I tried 2 different gas stations last week without success, so took it to the dealer. They had "no problem filling tank (albeit only 2 gallons total at 2 stations), and found no problem". Obviously per this forum, I'm not the first Prius owner with this problem, and I'm unhappy with this dealer's unwillingness to admit that it problem exists and offer suggestions about coping with it.
    I tried again yesterday, and self-service assistant was also unsuccessful in pumping more than a few gallons when gauge showed half empty tank. However as I drove away, the gauge went to "full", so now I'm convinced that I have a gauge AND tank problem.
    If I didn't have sentimental attachment to this car (late sibling's), I'd sell it tomorrow.

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    2008 Prius in Florida so no

    2008 Prius in Florida so no real cold winter. We do not have the reduced capacity issue described during cold months but we do have the gas pump problem. Recently it has gotten worse. I am glad to see I am not the only one; and very happy to see the cause on these posts.

    Yes, these dealers know about it, it is just a pisser that they address it by saying it is operator error or misunderstanding. I wonder if they get guidance from Toyota corporate on these responses.

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    My problem is not some much

    My problem is not some much getting the gas in the tank-I have developed a techinque of pulling the nosel as far out as I can get it and pumping slowly. The problem then is that there is a hugh blowback of gasoline all over the car and the concrete and maybe all over my foot if I do not hustle out of the way-happens EVERTIME I fill up. I am somewhat used to it even though I hate it. Car never gets more than 43 mpg but I drive it at highway speeds 90% of the time (65). If I were driving in the 40 mph range I am sure it would improve. Car now has 60k miles on it and runs just like the day I bought it. I will buy another one.

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