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    '09 FEH/MMH MTE Change

    Big change in the amount of gas left at 0 Miles To Empty (MTE) in the '09 FEH/MMH confirmed today. Based on my average mileage, I've confirmed there is ~.8 gallons left at 0 MTE. My last two tanks were ran dry after ~37 miles past 0 MTE and the FEHL did exactly the same thing. I did not try to restart my '09 FEHL the first time to confirm the tank was bone dry, but today I did and it quickly died again.

    My Nav Sys tank average on this tank was 47.8mpg and climbing slowly after two cold starts today. I estimated a little conservative of my average to 47mpg and used 80% of one gallon of gas and got 37.6 miles. So if your averaging 32mpg, you will run out of gas at around 25.6 miles past 0 MTE. If the Nav Sys reads high for the average MPG, you can still base your distance on the that system and your average MPG.

    What happens when you run out of gas in the '09 FEH/MMH? Both times were the same and here is what happens. Of course the engine dies and then you get a Warning Triangle with a "Stop Safely Now" message. The FEH/MMH will go into LOS (Limited Operating Strategy) and you can continue at a maximum speed of 20mph in EV. As your SoC drops, so will your speed. I traveled over a mile with a SoC of ~41% and made it to a gas pump with a SoC of 33.2% and my FEH was at a crawl at that point. Don't turn the key off and try to restart till your at a pump or a place to safely park and get gas.

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    Gary, that's interesting

    that's interesting most vehicles have a bigger reserve at that point. I was going by the previous post of 1.5 gallons. I went below 0 MTE on my first tank and it only took 13.5 gallons so I figured it was right on. Better safe than sorry. Thanks for the info.

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    Hi Tom This information

    Hi Tom

    This information should also help us in calculating our Tank averages in the '09 FEH/MMH. The MTE has always been helpful to know in my '05 FEH because at 0 MTE I knew I had 1.3 gallons left. It's also helpful to know if you filled your tank under or over the 15 gallon size. Even if you have up to 100 MTE, you can calculate how much gas is left by what your average MPG is.

    With this new information I can calculate how much the Scangauge needs to be adjusted to read the correct Tank MPG averages. Also, I can now confirm how much the Nav Sys MPG average is off, but that gauge cannot be adjusted.

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