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    New Hybrid owner

    I just purchased a used 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid, I have some questions about it I live 3.3 miles from work relatively flat commute and no speeds above 40mph. Some days the car doesn't go all electric until I've gone about a mile, other days I pull into my parking spot just as the car goes electric. So the question is how long should it take to go electric? Also there are times when I can only go 3-5 miles while being in electric mode before the battery is drained and switches over to gas. The morning temps as of now are about 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Also any time I might be driving in electric when I stop and shut the car off to go into a convenience store and only for a minute or two when I come back out it usually takes 3-5 minutes before the car will go electric again. Any suggestions or answers? I may be expecting to much out of the car as far as thinking I could make it to work and back again on all electric at such low speeds and relatively flat driving.

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    The answer is: it all

    The answer is: it all depends. There are complex algorithms in the computer that tell the vehicle when to go into electric mode. For example, on cold days, the engine must warm up enough for the catalytic converter to start working properly (it needs lots of heat to burn off the engine emissions). On hot days, if the AC is on, the engine needs to run to keep the AC compressor running to give you cold air. When you go into a store, the engine needs to start again to make the catalyst work. On top of all this, the harder you ask the car to work, the more you push on the accelerator pedal, the more likely the car will be to operate the engine to give you the performance you need.

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