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Thread: Repair Manuals

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    Repair Manuals

    In '05 I wanted to buy a repair manual for my '05 FEH to better understand the vehicle and do light repairs and maintenance. I found out Helminc.com is the publisher for all the Ford manuals and went to their website to see what was available and the cost. There was a set of repair manuals for the '05 FEH/MMH and the cost for them all was a few hundred dollars. Found a complete set on Ebay (Escape Hybrid search) and picked them all up for $110. They've been very helpful to me the past few years, so I now want a set for my '09 FEHL.

    I've been waiting for the release of the '09 manuals and Helminc.com just e-mailed me that the '09 FEH/MMH Powertrain Control/Emission Diagnosis Manual was available. This manual was the best in the '05 set so I ordered one last night. It will be awhile before any of the '09 FEH/MMH manuals will be on Ebay so I went ahead and paid $50 plus 6.95 for handling for the PCM/ED manual. Most likely I'll wait for a better price for the other '09 Escape manuals on Ebay. There were deals for the '08 and older manuals on Ebay last night, so some of you interested may want a set of those.

    The 7 to 10 day shipping was free, but some States have Sales Tax added. Here is a direct link to the manuals and DVD's available:

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    Hi, Have you tried eBay? I


    Have you tried eBay?
    I think they should have most vehicle manuals.
    There are even some retail stores listing items on there.

    Good luck to you.

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    There are some professional

    There are some professional sites in the internet, which will help to learn about vehicle manuals, in the form of e-books.You can also try e-bay or craiglist for learning them.

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    Just got the new PCM/ED

    Just got the new PCM/ED manual this afternoon and briefly looked it over for changes. Here is a list of changes to the '09 FEH/MMH:

    1. Modified computer controlled shutdown feature.

    2. New 2.5L engine.

    3. New 190 pin powertrain control module (PCM).

    4. New deceleration fuel shut-off (DFSO) strategy.

    5. New dual speed mechanical returnless fuel system.

    6. New electronic throttle (ETB) with non contacting throttle position (TP) sensor.

    7. New enhanced thermostat monitor. This explains why my FEH is going EV faster from a cold start.

    8. New Hall effect camshaft position (CMP) sensor changed from variable reluctance type.

    9. New misfire monitor.

    10. New permanent P-code DTCs and clearing conditions. Black Box?

    11. New universal heated oxygen sensors (HO2S). Confirmed Lambda broadband type. Used in conjunction with DFSO.

    12. New variable camshaft timing (VCT) system.

    13. Power sustain relay (PSR) deleted.

    More information how to decode the bits into Hex digits, DTC Byte 1, DTC Byte 2 Failures and status.

    Just thought I'd give everybody a quick review of the '09 PCM/ED manual. Looks like there is a completely new PCM so programming old ones to the '09 software may be impossible now.

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    Have you got the book yet?

    Have you got the book yet? I'd be really interested in having one myself, I want to know what's wrong with my car, there are things that can be fixed at home and when I can't do that at home I have car repair Tucson to rely on.

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