In '05 I wanted to buy a repair manual for my '05 FEH to better understand the vehicle and do light repairs and maintenance. I found out is the publisher for all the Ford manuals and went to their website to see what was available and the cost. There was a set of repair manuals for the '05 FEH/MMH and the cost for them all was a few hundred dollars. Found a complete set on Ebay (Escape Hybrid search) and picked them all up for $110. They've been very helpful to me the past few years, so I now want a set for my '09 FEHL.

I've been waiting for the release of the '09 manuals and just e-mailed me that the '09 FEH/MMH Powertrain Control/Emission Diagnosis Manual was available. This manual was the best in the '05 set so I ordered one last night. It will be awhile before any of the '09 FEH/MMH manuals will be on Ebay so I went ahead and paid $50 plus 6.95 for handling for the PCM/ED manual. Most likely I'll wait for a better price for the other '09 Escape manuals on Ebay. There were deals for the '08 and older manuals on Ebay last night, so some of you interested may want a set of those.

The 7 to 10 day shipping was free, but some States have Sales Tax added. Here is a direct link to the manuals and DVD's available: