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    Congress Still Doesn't Get It

    Without making this an overly political post, I have to say that congress still does not get it that they are just employees. Employees that can be fired if they don't do what their bosses say. Those bosses in our nation are the general people, or so it should be. This is not the case however with the incredible number of special interests groups with their amazing amounts of cash that is being thrown at our politicians day in and day out. This has to stop. Money should not get you special privileges in Washington. Again I have to say, this has got to stop.

    Now on to the post in question, mine, Congress throws good money after bad and bails out companies that made many bad decisions financially. Meanwhile it is getting increasingly harder for the average person to make it in this country without loosing quality of life. The path away from oil as a fuel is a great way to increase quality of life and take away the power of one of the most powerful special interest groups in the world today; OPEC.

    The technology is there, it is distributable on a mass level, and is wanted by the informed American. what we need is money thrown at the auto industry in the form of no interest loans ( no interest so as to create no inflation ) to accelerate the process of getting these vehicles out in the general population. Prices should be kept to a bare minimum so the most needy are able to access this life improving technology as quickly as possible. No interest loans should be available to those who are middle class and below ( those who are above middle class can afford to pay interest, those of us who are not can no longer afford this, to insure that the adoption of this technology is accepted through the pyramid of our culture.

    At the same time we need to invest large sums of money in the manufacturing sectors of this country. Pushing paper around creates no real wealth, only production of real products do this. With these two things done the economy will grow and taxes paid in will repay all of this money spent, unlike the money just spent to bailout wall street's worthless dirivitaves.

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    You are indeed right.There

    You are indeed right.There should be more investments and more spendings on green fuels especially the hybrid ones.Further large awareness must be created in order to achieve the goal.

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    You are right? But who is

    You are right? But who is going to listen? As it is right now, the wealthier people are the folks who are getting the low or no interest rates, and the middle class are getting the higher, thus making it harder for us to afford anything!
    You make a great point on this topic, thank you!

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