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    2009 on a 1600 mile round trip

    Howdy all, I just took my 2009 FEH on a ~1600 mile round trip. Basically from Denver to Las Vegas and back. ~800 miles each way. I started out thinking I would hypermile and drive slower the whole trip, but time constraints pushed me to average a higher speed. here is the nuts... (yes Iwent to play a poker tourney)

    I Drove straight through both directions. For those of you that are not familar with this drive it consists of several high mountain passes such as Vail pass, and Loveland pass (Eisenhower tunnel) power and efficiency robbing altitudes in excess of 10,000 feet. Major elevation changes of 9000 feet over many miles Hills consisting of 6-7% grades that continue for miles and even hot Dessert stretches with some temps still over 100 degrees. And long flat stretches of roads with signs that say "Tank Full? no services next 100 miles" I was rushed and pushed the little FEH pretty hard.

    Here is how the little FEH did.

    During the big pass climbs, I never felt like I was out of power - at times i did pull back speed a little simply to drop the RPM's a tad as I did not want to kill it. when climbing in order to maintain traffic speed flow of 75 the FEH needed to run in excess of 4600 RPMs at times and it was a little noisy. On the really steep grades, I did drop into the truck lane and slow to 50 MPH-ish as I did not want to blow her up. I have had MANY cars that totally ran out of power up there and would not go as fast or strong as the FEH could. I always felt like I had reserve power if i needed it.

    I drove at a final round trip average road speed of 67 MPH and this included stoppages for Fuel, Zagnuts and Red Bull. to achieve this speed there were stretches driven at 85MPH and I even tested a top steady speed of 94. The FEH as a vehicle is NOT composed at that speed and fuel economy sucks at like 24 MPG. I found that the vehicle has cormfortable controllable composure at a general max of 75-80 MPH any faster and it becomes "work" to handle the vehicle. I also found (as others have) that the best high speed point for fuel economy vs getting there fast seems to be at 65 MPH. For the whole round trip I averaged exactly 32 MPG - this included a little bit of Casino hopping and good EV time in the traffic of the Vegas Strip. NOT BAD MPG at 32 in my opinion given the way I pushed her - sure 40 would have been nice.

    Interesting notes... while decending the big mountain passes (miles of VERY steep decents) the battery gauge actually went all the way full twice (never has before) and once full, even while braking the Charge/assist guage no longer deflected and all braking was hydrolic only. Ater decending to a flat or onto the next climb - The electric system would "offload" that high charge. Drafting was immediatly obvious on the mileage charting screen, I expirimented a bit by simply changing lanes into and out of the draft and also by using cruise controll with a drafter and without... makes almost 15 MPG difference at 70 on the flats.

    Sirrus was awsome as there are long dead spots.... I especially liked the "Blue Collar Comedy" Ch 134?? It kept me awake when cruising through Utah and Arizona at 3:00 AM Funny Funny Funny

    All in all a good trip and a ok ride.... The FEH is not even close to the best road car I have ever had, but I did not buy it to be a road trip sled... Best vegas road trip car by far was the Cadillac STS

    I lost the tourney befor it got to pay rounds, and other than that I only lost 400 bucks. Not bad concidering I was up over a grand and then down over a grand.... Wife got a tan as well.

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    wow, thank you for taking

    wow, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences along the ride.

    is there a way to post pictures on this blog?
    it would be cool to see a couple of pictures of your vehicle.



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    That was indeed a great list

    That was indeed a great list of experience.Thank you for sharing your experience with forum members.It is indeed a massive experience.

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