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    Hybrid Market In Europe?

    How is the hybrid car market in Europe?
    I don't hear or read much about hybrid cars in Europe.

    Are they ahead of us, behind us?
    What is the status?

    Thank you.

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    Europe has generally leaned

    Europe has generally leaned toward micro-cars and diesels to reduce fuel consumption.
    As far as hybrids or electrics go, they're generally behind the US in market penetration.
    Norway has the Think Nordic EV that is showing some promise so I'd say they're ahead of the US.

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    The development of hybrid

    The development of hybrid vehicles should be very much emphasized especially in this current problem of global warming. We encourage car manufacturers to take a step back and think about mass production and greenhouse gas emission.

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    "As far as hybrids or

    "As far as hybrids or electrics go, they're generally behind the US in market penetration."

    I think that is a mis-leading statement. Technically it's true, but they aren't "behind" the U.S. in fuel-efficient cars, it's the other way around. The shear number of fuel-efficient options Europeans have is amazing. It's really no wonder hybrids haven't really caught on there. They already have better. I would LOVE to be able to buy European spec cars with their small clean efficient diesel engines!! Sometimes I think I live on the wrong side of the pond...

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