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    Have You Seen The New Volt?

    Have any of you seen the new Volt from Chevrolet?
    What is your first impression?

    - looks
    - performance
    - features
    - price

    Thank you for sharing.

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    I saw it in person last

    I saw it in person last Saturday in Santa Monica, CA.
    - Personally, I don't really care what it looks like. Its the power plant I'm interested in. It essentially looks like a Malibu with softer lines.
    - The prototype is trailered and barely runs. I expect the production performance to me about on par with the Prius but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. As a series hybrid, they could give it awesome torque without impacting efficiency in normal driving. As a rule, however, GM and the rest of the auto manufacturers have tended to wimp out their electrics so they don't compete with their high margin performance product lines.
    - The features, I expect will be standard GM stuff. Prototypes never are good indicators for this.
    - I'm sure the price will be higher than target. My bet is around $40K

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    I don't think the production

    I don't think the production version lives up to the promise of the concept VOLT.

    until Detriot makes a fuel efficient vehicle that doesn't look like a fuel efficient vehicle. ie. EGG like. it will fail.

    Seems to me that do many bean counters got involved in the design. it will be an epic failure and detriot will use it as an excuse not to develop any more stating the car buyers will not embrace the technology.

    sad. we will, but you make the cars look terrible. nobody wants to pay 40K to look ugly...

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