I recently replaced the bank 1 O2 sensor on my 03 HCH because I had taken it to the dealer and they had wanted to order an O2 sensor for $412 w/o tax or labor. So I order it online and changed it out w/o a problem. I erased the existing error code then did a diagnostic check and it passed just fine. Then I went to start the engine and immediately after it turned over it redlined. So I put the old O2 sensor back in and it did the same thing. It seemed like there was something wrong w/ the throttle position body/sensor or accelerator cable. So I got to the the throttle position body and w/ the help of my father pressing on the gas pedal saw that there was nothing wrong with either the throttle body/accelerator cable because it was moving+returning fine and nothing was binding. So at this point i'm baffled and assume its the throttle position sensor. Any help/advice on how to begin to troubleshoot this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Ben