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Thread: Snow Tires

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    Just bought Michelin X-Ice2

    Just bought Michelin X-Ice2 for my HCH. Tires centre was suppsed to balance and check inflation. Checked tire pressures when I got home and found that all the tires are between 25-28.5 psi (yikes...I hope my tire guage is just wrong). They are inflated with nitrogen. Any one know whether nitrogen is available at gas stations, or is that only available at the tire centres? Also, can I add regular air to my tires, if there is nitrogen in them right now?

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    I would just add regular

    I would just add regular air, at least up to the spec, (I've almost forgotten what that is, is it 32psi?), or higher, at your preference. Do check the inflation when the tires have fully cooled, first thing in the morning is the best time, but let the car sit at least 2-3 hours.

    Nitrogen is claimed to less subject to pressure changes with changing ambient temp's. As far as I know that is the only reason some places are pushing it. I would not be concerned adding regular air.

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    Best tires in Northern

    Best tires in Northern Michigan... <90 inches of snow last winter> are the Blizzaks ws-60. Hands down the BEST. I personally bought Firestone Winterforce M&S directional tires put on steel rims. Saved some $$$ with the Firestones, good enough and cheaper then the Blizzaks. I put them on steel rims so I may put the tires/rims on my vehicle every year myself. Saves money after the initial investment. I bought used spare tire rims from the junk yard. Paint them with an excellent black primer... and you are good to go.

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    The benefit to nitrogen in

    The benefit to nitrogen in your tires is that the moisture content is so much less the compressed air, water being horrible for rubber

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