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    IMA light and battery


    I have a 2003 civic hybrid with only 37K miles , I used to get the IMA light which would last a day and went off before I took it to the dealer. It used to happen in the mornings.. IMA battery level used to show full but I used to get no assist even when I accelerate hard.. it used to show it was charging..then IMA warning lights up.

    I put in a brand new 12V battery also as I was told that too can cause IMA light to come on.

    Then I took it to the dealer anyway and they said the stored code says IMA battery needs to be changed. They offered to change it under the warranty. t I really dont understand why battery pack can become bad so soon... and how can it be a battery problem when it shows the charge is full and I get no assist. I drive very carefully without much hard acceleration.

    Another thing was that I had got the judder fixed maybe 6000 miles ago..and I feel it coming back again.. they said they will look into it too.

    Is it good that I am getting a new battery?
    Are the newer batteries any better than the first gen batteries?
    Is there a permanent solution for the judder or do they just flush & burnish and give it back to me.
    Do i have to make sure of anything else with the dealer before I get the car back?


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    Hi kangaroojack Nope. I

    Hi kangaroojack

    Nope. I would not bet on the NiMH battery pack being bad. A power reset will likely fix the modular crash you are experiencing. It costs you nothing and it is worth a try.

    The newer batteries are better than the first gen, and if you were to get them replaced you would also get a new battery control module (BCM).

    The burnish procedure is the answer followed by more aggressive HCVT fluid changes.

    Yes, make sure you do a power reset before you go in.



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    Hi MSantos.. thanks for your

    Hi MSantos..

    thanks for your reply..

    I did do the reset..which is leaving the battery terminal open for 20mins.. The IMA light used to go off for few days and it used to come back on. I did the reset several times before
    I took the car to the dealer.

    I took it in to the dealer yesterday and they said they replaced the IMA battery. I just got the car and I have not yet had IMA light come on. they replaced the battery for free. I really did not think it would be the battery.. but the dealer says otherwise.

    They said they did not feel the judder and it probably was related to the voltage issue. I still do feel the judder starting to come back. Its not pronounced but its there when you start off from rest.

    If there is anything else I need ask the dealer to check please let me know..

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    If the IMA light would come

    If the IMA light would come back on 1 or 2 days after a power reset then the battery was likely the problem.

    I suspect your new battery will serve you much better going forward.



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