i'm new to the this forum but let me explain my story so you can understand and hopefully help me out.

long story short from there.. i have been racking my brain like most people looking for hybrids with a decision most come faced with... a honda civic hybrid or a toyota prius. Well i read the reviews and informed myself with everything i thought i needed to make that decision.. and i thought it was evident that i would go for the prius. Before i became biased i wanted to test drive first, after all it looked good on paper but that doesn't help while commuting. So i tried them both today, and i am in love with the honda civic hybrid.. although it is rated lower in city which is what i mainly do, the style and appearing and honda name which i am familiar with helped me save a place for it in my heart...

so now your wondering, what's the problem... here's the kicker... i'm in sales and i know it's good to be an educated consumer so i did more researched and i liked most of what i saw, but what is holding me back is the fact that i see a lot of reports about people losing the high mpg after tires wear down or a oil change. Its a radical change from people saying they had 40+ miles and then they go down to 22-24 mpg, which is insane! I can't afford to stick my neck out for a car that fuel efficient and then that happen to me. I only have one car and if that happens and it takes days to fix i wouldn't be able to survive. I need some insight, i see it's mainly the 06-07 models but i know its to early for the 08 to tell... I just want what i pay for, please help.

-A Honda Owner Who Would Like To Stay A Honda Owner.