I bought my car in Sep 2009 and it has a little more than 7,000 miles on it. This last Sunday, my driver side window came off the track after I rolled it up maybe 3 inches from the top. I rolled it down and back up several times and it did the same thing. I took my car into the dealer on MLK day which was Monday. This is a known problem and as a matter of fact, there were three other cars in for the same problem (same color of car pearl blue, but one was a 2005 and I don't know what year the other car was). They said they had to order the parts and it was fixed by Tuesday. My question is what about the other windows (that aren't used as much). Initailly the dealer said it was just the driver's side front window. When I picked up the car, he said it could happen to the front passenger side. It just happen to rain all this week in Southern California, so the timing was bad. Once the rain leaves, I am going to start rolling every window in the car up and down at least once or twice a day to make sure there is no problem with those. My sentiments are that if one is bad they all are probably bad. They should just replace them all at the same time, and not wait until it starts raining and you can't get the window up. The dealer said either the window was to thick or the channel pushed it to one side.

If they know about this, they should send a letter to Honda Civic Hybrid owners and let them know about it. What if you are planning a trip to the mountain where there is snow/rain and then this problem occurs. This helps in good customer relations with Honda. This is my second HCH, my other being a 2003.

My 2003 HCH transmission went out at 50,000 miles and my battery pack went out at 110,000. They were both replaced under warranty...lucky me.

If Honda wants to keep their customers, I feel that they have to provide some good faith to their customers.